How To Maintain Your Chandelier For A Long Time?

by Randall

There isn’t a doubt that chandeliers are a luxurious addition to anyone’s house. Their dazzling lights and crystalline appeal are one of a kind. However, before you get there to buy one, there is also a significant drawback. Apart from selecting and getting the right chandelier, it can be a daunting task to maintain them. To make it easier for you, here are some of the best chandelier maintenance tips you will find:

Tally With The Manufacturer – The Manual

Your chandelier’s maintenance requirements will significantly depend on its design and the type of chandelier you’ve chosen. As there are many different types of chandeliers available, you would have to consult with the manufacturer or the chandelier dealer you’re buying it from.

Correlatively, you can check out the manual if you got one. To give you an example, the chandelier with many hanging crystals and ornaments will require you to take them off and clean them. Some might even require delicate handling or professional help.

Therefore, you would have to consider the cost and possible requirements of various services. You can’t overlook the possibility of damages, either. It can prompt frequent investment in the chandelier, so be ready.

Cleaning Once A Year Is Fine

Don’t get discouraged from reading the above-given details. You don’t have to clean the chandelier weekly or even monthly. Most of the time, you can use a low-setting vacuum to maintain them. Cleaning once a year is just fine with chandelier maintenance. You might have to remove all the prisms, crystals, and such, but it is easier than you might think.

All you will need is a microfiber cloth with lint-free gloves and warm water. Cotton is also an excellent choice for gloves. All you would need to do is wipe them off. There isn’t any need for chemicals or detergents unless you find that there is something stubborn on them. However, you shouldn’t spray any solution to the chandelier. It may cause corrosion or other problems.

Dusting Weekly Is A Good Way To Go

While you can clean your chandelier once a week, it would be a wise choice to dust them weekly. As mentioned, low-setting vacuuming is one way to go. However, if the chandelier is too delicate, stick to the classic dusting method. Buy microfiber brushes or cloth and use them to dust them.

Dusting weekly will prevent the build-up and collection of dust and other elements on it. It might also be a great way to reduce any possibility of corrosion and inspect your chandelier while you’re at it. This brings us to the final point:

Inspect Your Chandelier

Monthly inspections will get the job done. However, you need to be diligent with the task. An inspection can tell you a lot about the quality and durability of the chandelier. You will learn about any possible crack, corrosion, or other problems. If there is elemental build-up like mold, dust, rust, etc., you will learn about it. Therefore, conducting a monthly inspection is an excellent way to maintain the chandelier.

In the end, you can always hire a professional. If you follow these chandelier maintenance tips, you will have a long-lasting addition and a high value for money.

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