Tricks and Tips for Choosing an LED Retrofit Panel

by Randall

Replacing that existing fluorescent modular ceiling light with a retro-fit panel is not just a fast but easy way of enjoying your savings in the long run. You shall also gain from the best of the worlds with slightly reduced maintenance as well as electricity costs coupled with a brighter environment. That said, there are compelling reasons to switch to LED panels. Then there are top tips for choosing that LED panel.  Now is a perfect time to make that switch.

Consider size and position.

The first aspect you should consider looking at when replacing or purchasing an LED panel light is its size and position. When it comes to size, your selection should be governed by the current ceiling grid.

Immediately the old fitting has been removed; then, it will take some time (usually minutes) to install an LED panel.

On that note, you should know that integral panels come with an LED driver and a plug socket connector to help with rapid installation.

In the case of refurbishing your space, then you could use the chance to switch to LED panels to optimize the lighting based on the light output as well as the cost.

You also need to note that the cost of an LED panel can easily be reduced by the applications of control systems for the sake of occupancy detection.

At the same time, work may be carried out in different unique phases if there is a need to minimize interruption or disruption. In this case, you should contact a professional electrician for the specific panel installation. 


With conventional fluorescent fittings, you will realize that up to 50 percent of the actual light is lost within the fitting.

LED panels offer a broader beam angle coupled with usable light and less power, particularly when compared to the fluorescent fittings.

This implies that you can upgrade the lighting to higher levels, usually by replacing the panels you are currently using.

You can also optimize the lighting to achieve similar or better yet brighter lighting levels by applying LED fittings than the existing ones.

For instance, the lighting can be applied in a room with four light fittings.  You can also reduce it to about three panels for additional savings.


You should note that LED panels come in different types or forms.

 More light may not necessarily imply more power, just like in cars where you may have high tech models, which can save you costs associated with fuel as compared to the fuel guzzlers.

This is true for different LED panels since their manufacturers are utilizing modern-day technology to control the panels.

Although initially may be in a position to save some pounds from the budget, over some time, your savings could be made by selecting a more efficient LED panel.

Final Thoughts

LED panel lights make use of the latest form of technology in delivering high output. These lights also utilize lesser amounts of power in producing a rather comparable light output as compared to lesser efficient panels, thereby providing you with financial savings every year.

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