Top Applications of RGB Silicone Neon Light

by Randall

Neon light consists of glowing glass tubes or bulbs that have neon or other gases. Ever thought of how Las Vegas is a major resort city primarily filled with casinos and night clubs, hotels, and shopping malls, not forgetting a vibrant nightlife with lights making it clear as day. All this is made possible with RGB silicone neon rope light. They create a vibrant glow and attract the human eye due to different colors and patterns formed.

Originally neon lights had to be manufactured into the specific shape that will be used. Still, advancement in technology gave birth to the led strip. LED strips are streams of light bulbs arranged in a flexible cord for lighting. Today, neon lights are in a condensed form, making it usable for DIY projects. Below are the notable applications of neon LED rope lights.


Have you ever noticed the unique backlight you see in the backdrops of YouTubers desks or that glowing light behind beds and thought to yourself how they did it? Well, chances are it could be the neon rope light.

Backlighting with led strips has grown to be a significant decoration trend these days. The preferable choice has been the neon rope light. It produces more lighting since bulbs have been placed inside a clear tubing strip.

The most common decoration being enlivening the ceiling to create a great ambiance in a room. What better way to add life to a room than adding backlighting to the roof? Imagine having guests over, and they can’t stop looking at changing lights on your ceiling. Think of that space in your house or office and add that strip of neon lights and watch it add ambiance to the area.

2.Reduces Eye Strain

If you love watching shows or working in a dark room, adding neon rope lights to the back of a TV set or monitor on your work desk has health benefits. The extra light reduces eye strain from focusing specifically on light produced by the screen. It reduces the risk of having watery eyes from looking at screens for an extended time. 

3.Create Focus Points

Ever been to a gallery to see a new piece of artwork advertised and see that brownish painting that is illuminating and everyone is staring. Since neon rope lights are bright, they are mostly used in galleries to illuminate artworks. It helps in directing the human eye to the point of focus.


Primarily neon lights are known for advertisements. Having them in a cord or strip has made it easier to arrange and create beautiful shapes. The neon rope has reduced the price of having to place an order of the specific form you desire. You have to make one and stick it together. It has changed the advertising of one’s business. 

Final Thoughts

Backlighting is a trend that has grown over time, and it’s a trend that is here to stay. People go the extra mile by adding it to their bathrooms and kitchen areas. The neon rope light is a game-changer in décor and would advise everyone to follow the trend. 

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